1. The rules of the Sniper's Mission IX competition:

Sniper's Mission IX is a rivalry of double teams (sniper+ spotter). It will be played continuously, each team will participate in a sequence of consecutive competition, without any break between tasks. Participants should be prepared for autonomous and long lasting actions in a hostile environment. They should be aware of an effort of medium to high physical intensity.

2. The competition includes the following missions:

  • land navigation - moving on the ground with the use of a map, a compass and/or a GPS (points will be appoint with Garmin GPS Map 64s), ,

  • acting in a hostile environment - hostile terrain penetration (infiltration), reconnaissance, staying undetected throughout the whole competition,

  • actions on a sniper position- approach, taking a stand, observation, detection of targets and their elimination.

3. During competition you mustn’t  use:

  • light intensifiers in low visibility conditions (night vision, NVG) and thermal imaging equipment (thermography).

4. Teams are allowed to use during competitions:

  • opto-electronic equipment  which enables distance measurement,

  • devices with software for ballistic calculation.


5. Compulsory equipment for the team:

  • two sniper rifles or a sniper rifle and an assault rifle,

  • ammunition for weapons - 70 nb per unit,

  • camouflage clothing,

  • a compass and / or a GPS receiver,

  • the telescope and / or binoculars,

  • equipment for quotation,

  • map cover,

  • hydration system.

The administrator has the right to change the rules of the competition.

After full registration of the player ( sending the notification, and the starting fee 450 zł/ person) players will receive detailed information on the e-mail address provided in the application.

Competitors can registrate until 30.08.2019 There is limited number of places


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