Date: 26-27 MAY 2018

Place: Military Training Center in DRAWSKO POMORSKIE

Registration site:


  • Klub Sportowy CWS (CWS Sport Club)
  • Helikon-Tex
  • Centrum Wyszkolenia Strzeleckiego

Helikon-Tex TPS Rules:

1. Helikon-Tex TPS is a two-person teams rivalry

2. Institutions, companies and private individuals with a valid weapon permition are allowed to take part in the competition

3. The competition includes stages that requires high precision shooting in short time and shooting from diferent positions

4. Not allowed equipment:

  • Optical-electronic devices allowing measuring the distance (Rangefinders, etc.)
  • Devices equipped with ballistic calculation software
  • Devices reinforcing vision in low-visisibility condition  (Night-vision devices) and thermal imagining devices (Thermo-vision)

5. Mandatory team equipment:

  • Two sniper rifles or one sniper rifle and one assault rifle. Handguns are not required
  • Ammunition- 80 pcs. per rifle or assault rifle
  • Scope or/and binoculars
  • Noting accessories
  • Optional: Camouflage clothing- extra points provided

6. Technical rules:

1) Weapon max calliber: .50 BMG

2) No tracers, incendiary or armor-piercing rounds permitted

3) Oranizer allows shooting one weapon per team

4) Weapon can be based on anything brought by participant

5) Any failures or weapon jams must be repaired by participant all by himself

6) Leaving the stage with a gun is permitted only after unloading it and referee control

7) During traveling between stages weapon should be held in a case or transport crate

8) In case of any disputies final decission wil be taken by main referee of the competition

9) Any participant is allowed to protest agains his score up to 1 hour after publishing it


7. Classification
Team- classification. Two person team

8. Registration deadline:
5 MAY 2018 or to depletion of starting places

9. Cost:

Starting fee: 250 PLN per person or 62 euro per person (safety ensurance and coffe breaks included and hot meal )
Organizer does not defray costs of accomodation, transport and ammunition


10. Payments:

Payment information:
Centrum Wyszkolenia Strzeleckiego
Krzysztof Prokop
ul. Biernackiego 8 76-200 Słupsk

For payments in PLN:
Bank City Handlowy
Nr: 75 1030 0019 0109 8503 0009 0976

For payments in euro:
Bank City Handlowy
IBAN PL-16103000190109780601034978

According to polish law any participant since registration agreeds to personal data processing to organisational and promotion of the competition purposes.

Organizer keeps right to change these rules



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